Top 10 Benefits of Kids Learning to Code [2021]

10 Benefits of Kids Learning To code
10 Benefits of Kids Learning To Code

Teaching kids about coding or computer programming is an important part of early education.

We have been told it is beneficial and important to introduce coding to kids. But what are the benefits of kids learning to code? If this is your question in mind, you have come to the right place.

In this blog post, I want to show you the 10 benefits of kids learning to code.

Coding improves kids’ academy performance

Coding is not just learning the syntax (the grammar) of the language, it involves analytical thinking, problem-solving, presentation skill, and learning computational skills.

But that’s not all. Kids who code often have better focus and concentration on the tasks or projects that they are working on.

All these skills are transferable to school work.

There is no surprise that kids who code have a better grasp of subjects like Mathematics, Physics, or Algebra, etc.

Coding Improves writing ability

You must be wondering how could computer coding improve one’s writing ability?

It does.

One of the coding lessons a beginner coder learns is to understand the flowchart. We learn to organize our thoughts or a complicated story into a flow of processes.

This is excellent training for kids to develop organizational skills. When you are able to organize your thoughts well (and we know how wild a kid’s imaginations could be), you write a better story.

Coding improves creativity

Computer programming is an activity of constant seeking solutions. Programmers solve problems after problems.

Kids who learn to code are pushed to think outside the box. They are encouraged to come out with ideas that an adult might have missed or afraid to take.

And kids often enjoy the freedom of being creative.

Coding improve self-confidence

I have observed when a kid completed a programming task, the sense of achievement is fascinating.

A computer program is built by blocks of learning, researching, understanding, and solving problems. The process of creating and completing a computer program involves a series of small tasks.

The series of small successes builds a kid’s self-confidence.

Coding improves the ability to focus and pay attention to details

Benefits of kids learning to code - improve focus
10 Benefits of Kids Learning To Code – Improve Focus and attention to details

As the learning progresses, kids are working on more complicated logic and code. This requires them to be focused and also pay attention to the details of the problems they are facing.

Kids who have learned to code are better at controlling their focus, and also able to look into the details of events or questions.

Coding improves collaboration and communication skills

Coding improve collaboration and communication skills
10 Benefits of Kids Learning To Code – Improve Collabration and communication skills

Programming may seem like an individual sport. It is not.

In fact, most computer programming projects require a team effort. Programmers need to learn to communicate effectively with team members, express their ideas, and work with each other to complete a complex project.

For young coders, working on a multi-coder, small programming project will teach them a lot about teamwork.

Coding teaches kids about perseverance

Coding is an exercise that requires kids to face the problem, analyze the problem, and solve the problem.

There will be errors in the code (technically, we call it a ‘bug’). They are also thought to anticipate errors and learn to fix them.

It requires patience and perseverance to complete a program.

Through the repeating process of coding and error fixing, kids learn to be persistent and persevere to complete a task.

Coding prepares kids for the future

I often tell my friends that programming language is another language kids need to learn. Just like being able to speak English, the benefit of being well-versed in another language opens up doors of opportunities.

Teaching kids to code does not mean we want them to become a software programmer. We aim to equip them with a skill that would help them to explore opportunities in the future.

Do you learn driving because you want to become an F1 racer? Unlikely. The same goes for coding.

Technology will always be a big part of human’s life. Coding prepares kids with the skill set to understand, control, or develop equipments in the future.

Coding improves problem-solving skills

Coding improves problem solving skills
10 Benefits of Kids Learning To Code – Improve Problem Solving Skills

Coding is a problem-solving task. A coder will meet a series of problems during the process of creating a new game or program.

Kids learn to break a complicated problem into pieces. They learn to create hypotheses and suggest possible solutions to the problem.

Over time, these exercises train them to be an excellent problem solver.

Coding comes with career opportunities

When we mention “coding” and “career”, people tend to associate it with jobs like software programmers, software engineers, or web developers, etc.

They are right. But it goes more than that.

Coding is a skill and ability to actualize an idea, a business idea.

Have a look at the mobile apps market, it is a market of innovative minds. They are many exceptional young millionaire app developers. Coding skills give these young developers a chance to show the world what they are good at.

10 Benefits of Kids Learning To Code – Closing words

10 Benefits of Kids Learning To Code - Pinterest graphic
10 Benefits of Kids Learning To Code

Coding does not only create products to improve our life, it helps to improve the way we think and the way we solve problems.

It is beneficial for kids to learn to code early. I hope the 10 benefits mentioned in this blog post convince you to introduce coding to your kids or students.

If you are interested in teaching your kids or students to code, make sure to check out my blog post on 7 Tips for Teaching Kids To code.

I will finish this blog post with a quote from Bill Gates, Co-Founder of Microsoft

“Learning to write programs stretches your mind, and helps you think better, creates a way of thinking about things that I think is helpful in all domain”

Bill Gates, Co-Founder of Microsoft

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