Coding Toys: The Best Coding Toys For Kids

Best Coding toys For kids

Coding Toys offer kids a fun and engaging way to learn to code. There is a big variety of coding toys available, but which ones are the best for your child or students? I decided to find out.

In this guide, I want to look into the best coding toys that can help to enhance children’s learning experience.

This page is evolving. I will update the list regularly.

What to look for when choosing a coding robot for kids?

Follow age recommendations when choosing a coding toy

A toy that is too simple does not offer enough challenge for kids. On the other hand, toys that are too complicated will quickly lose their interest in playing, and learning stops.

Expensive does not necessarily mean good

Focus on what the toy can teach. Kids enjoy playing with a $30 toy as much as $300 ones. And remember, the goal is to use the toy to teach kids to code.

If possible, look for toys that could grow with kids

There are coding toys that can be expanded by adding small components to enhance functionalities and challenges for kids.

Best Coding Toys For Kids of All Ages

Code’ N Learn Kinderbot

code n learn kinderbot
Code’ N Learn Kinderbot

Suitable Age: Preschoolers

Code’N Learn Kinderbot is an interactive robot friend for kids. It best suits preschoolers ages 3-6 years.

Kids decide how the robot moves and where he goes. The robot allows kids to control it by entering different codes. There are 3 ways to play with Code’ N learn Kinderbot.

Free Coding: Kids press the direction buttons to code a path for the robot.

Learning Challenge: Kids solve fun challenges that will help them to learn counting, color, and comparisons.

Secret Codes: The robot set provides a secret codebook. The codebook offers more learning challenges for kids.

Code a Pillar Twist

code a pillar
Code a Pillar Twist

Suitable Ages: Preschooler

Code-a-pillar is a robotic toy pillar. It has 1 motorized head and 5 permanently attached segments. Kids code a path for the pillar by turning the dials on the segments.

In addition to coding the path, the robotic pillar allows kids to control volume, light effect, and sound.

The toy is a perfect start for kids to learn to code. Kids can use their creativity to design the path and sequence for the toy pillar. Parents could help to set up obstacles and challenge kids to code the path for the pillar to overcome the obstacles.

Code-a-pillar best suits preschoolers.

ThinkFun Code Master Programming Logic Game

Code Master Programming Logic Game

Suitable Ages: 8+

Code Master Programming Logic Game is a board game that encourages kids to think, plan, and execute their ideas. It best suits kids over 8 years old.

Code Master features coding board games and STEM toys. It teaches coding logic through gameplay. The package contains 10 maps with 60 levels to solve, 12 guide scrolls, 12 action tokens, 8 conditional tokens, and an instruction booklet.

The game provides a clear instruction manual. You can start playing the game with kids almost immediately.

If you are looking for an unplugged coding activity for your kids or students, I highly recommend Code master Programming Logic Game.

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