12 Best Free Coding Lessons For Kids

12 Best FREE Coding Lessons For Kids
Best FREE Coding Lessons For Kids

You might have read and heard the benefits of kids learning to code, but not sure where to start.

There are many free and paid coding platforms online now. It could be frustrating and confusing to decide which one is the best for your kids or students.

If you are looking for a FREE resource to teach your kids or students to code, you have come to the right place.

In this blog post, I want to focus on the platforms that offer FREE coding programs for kids.


Scratch by MIT
Best FREE Coding Lessons For Kids – Scratch

Scratch is a service developed by MIT Media Lab. It features a block-based programming language. Kids are allowed to create programs using drag-and-drop style blocks and share them in the Scratch online community.

Scratch is most suitable for kids between 8 to 13 years old. It is free to use.

Scratch Jr

Scratch Junior

Scratch Jr is a FREE mobile app. It is most suitable for young children between 5 -7 years old. Children can program their stories and games.

By creating projects on ScratchJr, children learn to solve problems, think creatively, and systematically. The program also suits children who are not able to read yet.



Code.org is a nonprofit organization. It aims to expand computer science in schools and increase participation from young women and kids from an underrepresented group.

Code.org’s programs are designed for K-12 users, which means children below 12 years can benefit from the program.

Code.org offers a series of computer science and coding courses for FREE.

For kids who are new to coding, I recommend the Hour of Code series. It is a one-hour tutorial designed for all ages. Children can get involved in coding games like Dance Party, Minecraft, and AI for Oceans, etc.

Code Monster by Crunzilla

Code Monster by Crunchzilla
Code Monster by Crunchzilla

Code Monster is a simple and fun introduction to programming concepts. It is perfect for a first-time coder. The program is not intended to teach all of computer science and programming.

Code Monster is a part of the Crunzilla suite of game and educational projects. It is developed by Geeky Ventures.

There are 4 games within the Crunzilla suite for learners at different levels.

  • Code Monster – For preteens, younger with help
  • Code Maven- For teens and adults
  • Game Maven- For ages 16+, more difficult lessons
  • Data maven- Statistics, for ages 12+

Swift Playgrounds (App)

Swift Playgrounds
Best Free Coding Lessons For Kids – Swift Playgrounds

Swift is an open-source coding language created by Apple. It is a robust and intuitive programming language for building apps for iOS, Mac, Apple TV, and Apple Watch.

Swift Playground is an interactive and fun learning environment. Children learn coding by solving interactive puzzles in the guided lessons. Through fun activities, kids can learn the basics of coding and gain unique coding experience.

Swift Playground is available as an iPad app and also on Mac.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy
Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a nonprofit educational organization. It offers FREE video lessons, practice exercises for students, and materials for educators.

Khan Academy full computer programming courses, as well as short Hour Of Code series.

I recommend parents and teachers who are looking to teach kids to code explore the options of the Hour Of Code series. The Hour of Drawing and Hour of Webpages are most suitable for kids aged 8+ and Hour of Databases are for kids aged 12+.

Upon completion of the program, you can also print out a certificate from Khan Academy as a reward for kids. Kids love certificates. It pushes them to go further.

Blockly Games

Blockly Games
Blockly Games

The Blockly Games is a part of Google’s Code with Google Program. The program aims to close equity games in computer science education.

Blockly Games is a series of games for first-time coders. It mimics Scratch’s block-based programming. Blocky Games teach the basic principles of coding to kids.

Each introduces different programming concepts to kids. Through the games, kids learn about loops, conditions, mathematical equations, and functions, etc. By the end of these games, kids are ready to move on to learning text-based programming languages.

Blockly Games is FREE and available on the website or download for offline learning.


Grasshopper by Google
Grasshopper by Google

I want to give Grasshopper a special mention here. Grasshopper is another program of Code with Google.

Grasshopper offers basic coding lessons in the gamified format. The program focuses on teaching JavaScript.

It doesn’t matter if you have no coding experience. The program teaches you how to code from the ground up.

Grasshopper is designed for adult users. However, I found it to be useful to teen coders who are ready for text-based programming.


Best FREE Coding Lessons For Kids – CodeGuppy

CodeGuppy is a FREE coding platform for kids, teens, and even adults. The platform features projects tailored for kids with interactive graphics and games.

CodeGuppy is a web-based platform which means you can access your lessons on any computer or device. The platform teaches JavaScript, one of the most used and popular programming languages.

With the full library of animated characters, background images, and sounds, kids will enjoy learning and coding on the CodeGuppy platform.


Roblox Studio
Roblox Studio

Roblox is a popular multiplayer game. Do you know they also offer a platform for young coders to learn to code?

Roblox Studio is a downloadable application for coders. It is the building tool of Roblox.

Kids aged 8+ can learn how to create games using Roblox Studio and Lua Programming language. Roblox Studio also allows kids to test and upload games to the Roblox website.



Tynker is a paid coding platform. It also offers limited FREE membership. The platform is very well designed. It specializes in teaching programming for kids.

Tynker platform organizes the games and coding programs according to age groups, and experience levels.

It is FREE to sign up. With a FREE account, you are allowed to join 20 free coding games, all Minecraft skins, and mods, create a free Minecraft server and play a limited number of projects.

Code Combat


CodeCombat is another Freemium service I would like to mention. It is free to sign up. The Free account allows kids to play one of the platform’s popular coding games KithGard Dungeon.

Best FREE Coding Lessons for kids
Best FREE Coding Lessons For Kids

With the coding game, kids will learn basic programming concepts such as syntax, methods, parameters, strings, loops, and variables, etc.

When they are ready, you can choose to join the paid membership which covers more coding skills like game development, web development including HTML and CSS, and AI Scripting, etc.

Best Free Coding Lessons For Kids – Closing Words

Coding comes with many benefits. It helps to develop kids’ problem-solving skills, improve academy performance, and build self-confidence, etc.

Start with the FREE coding lessons for kids mentioned above will give your kids a good head start.

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